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The Armenian Relief Society was founded in New York City, NY, on January 1, 1910, by Khachadour Malumian, known as Edgar Agnouni. The ARS was formally recognized as an organization having its own Statutes by its first convention held in Boston, Massachusetts on May 30, 1915, and was known at the time as the Armenian Red Cross. Today, the Armenian Relief Society has regions and chapters-at-large all over the world with over 15,000 members in 27 countries


The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) is a non-profit, independent, non-sectarian and non-governmental organization (NGO), a member of the United Nations – with affiliate entities in 27 different countries serving the social, educational, health, and welfare efforts of the Armenian people throughout the world. The Armenian Relief Society promotes the teaching of the Armenian Language and seeks to preserve the cultural identity of the Armenian nation. ARS provides humanitarian assistance and worldwide emergecy relief to all communities in distress – Armenian and non-Armenian alike.


Ungerouhi Ani Attar (Tzolig, MI) Chairperson
Ungerouhi Sandra Vartanian (Erebouni, NY) Vice Chairperson
Ungerouhi Maral Nakashian (Satenig, DC) Treasurer
Ungerouhi Carol Jaffarian (Knar, MA) Secretary
Ungerouhi Johanna Chilingirian (Shushi, MA) Advisor
Ungerouhi Heather Krafian (Shushi, MA) Advisor
Ungerouhi Irma Kassabian (Satenig, DC) Advisor


The Armenian Relief Society of Eastern United States – energized by the committed generosity of its countless benefactors, friends and supporters – continues to carry on its humanitarian, educational and social work through its many programs, always true to its organizational motto, " With the People, For the People" .

ARS benefactors are:

Edgar Agnouni
Sophia and Levon Hagopian
George and Beatrice Lazarian
Karekin and Virginia Seroonian
Samuel and Agnes Eremian
Araxie Proodian
Haiganoush Garabedian
Doris Norian Lentz
Alice Norian
Arpcase Kilerjian

Hagop “Jack” and Pearl Mooradian
Alice Haigazian Berman
Genevieve Yegeshian
Yervant and Helen Terzian
Albert and Queenie Bagian
Kirakos Vapurciyan
Gourgen Assaturian
Margaret Assaturian
Katherine Tayian


Emblem of the Armenian Relief Society




A.R.S. Anthem-Moushegh Iskhan

Menk Ookhdyalner Hay oknootyan soorp kordzeen,
Looysee panag yev ketootyan khachoohee,
Koyamardeen mech serpazan mer tadeen
Tsez geh perenk Hay Genoch seerdeh vosgee.

Odar yergree hoveroon tern molekeen
Hay tebrootyan chaheh bahenk meshdavar.
Yev togh shoonch dah Hay Ojakhee gerageen
Mer shertneroon verah dzaghgogh amen par.

Menk ookhdyalner HOMee baydzar terosheen,
Meeshd geh menank aree bahagen antzyalee.
Meenchev dzakee artarootyan var arpeen,
Meenchev Hasneenk sek sareroon hayrenee.

" With The People, For The People "


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