Aleppo, Syria Crisis, Urgent Appeal for Help

ARS Eastern USA Board of Directors
For Immediate Release
(Boston / USA, July, 13, 2013)

Contact: Vart Chiloyan, Executive Secretary, Tel: 617-926-3801,


An estimated 60,000 Armenians in Aleppo, Syria are affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria. Thousands of Armenian families are facing dismal food shortages as food prices have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels.
The Armenian Relief Society of Eastern USA Board remains committed to helping Syrian Armenians affected by the ongoing Syrian conflict and resulted humanitarian crisis. We are extremely saddened by reports that thousands of Armenian families in Aleppo presently are unable to buy food and are in unsafe conditions. We are following the heroic acts of ARS Syria members (please see English translation of ARS Syria Communiqué, “Kantsasar”, July 4, 2013).
During this period of extreme need, our region is compelled to support our ARS Syria ungerouhiner, who have continued to provide humanitarian assistance to the Armenian community, regardless of their own safety. We must follow their lead and provide much needed financial support.
We, Armenian Relief Society of Eastern USA Board of Directors, urge the Eastern USA community to help us continue our relief efforts, act quickly and join us in our fundraising efforts.
Be part of the Syrian-Armenian relief efforts by making a tax-deductible donation to this humanitarian cause and designate the “Fund for Syrian Armenian Relief” as your program of choice. For more information or to make a donation, visit; call (617) 926-3801 or write to ARS Eastern USA Inc., 80 Bigelow Ave., Suite 200, Watertown, MA 02472.
ARS Eastern USA Board of Directors
July, 13, 2013
This article was taken from the following website and translated into English by the Armenian Relief Society of Eastern USA Board.

KANTSASAR Thursday, July 4, 2013:
Press Release
The Armenian Relief Society of Syria has been serving through its social services committee, and continues to serve, on a monthly basis, between 350 to 500 families, providing them with food basket boxes. During the month of severe fighting, and due to lack of nonexistent transportation, instead of the usual food baskets, the ARS Regional Executive Board of Syria, gave an equivalent stipend for a month to the assistance recipients.
3-7-2013-41The Regional Executive Board of the ARS of Syria would like to extend its gratitude to the ARS Central Executive Board, who put all its efforts in action, like a doting mother, received much needed donations from Armenians living abroad, and allocated them in two installments, to the efforts of our social services.
We would especially like to thank the members of Syria’s Armenian Youth Federation “Artsakh” chapter who came to the ARS socio-medical center of “Nor Kugh” (“New Village”) to lend a helping hand to our social services committee in the preparation and distribution efforts of the food baskets.
The Armenian Relief Society of Syria, true to its calling, continues to help families that have suffered heavy losses during the turmoil of Aleppo.

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