ARS of Eastern USA issues an Urgent Appeal for Artsakh

The ARS of Eastern USA is deeply saddened and disturbed by the devastating Azerbaijani attacks on Artsakh, that have claimed military and civilian lives.  We express our deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives.

ARS of Eastern USA urges all ARS Chapters, members, as well as our supporters—Armenian and non-Armenian alike—to aid ARS Artsakh Relief Fund. 

To make a donation, please visit or send your donations to: ARS Artsakh Relief Fund, ARS Eastern USA, Inc, 80 Bigelow Avenue, Suite 200, Watertown, MA  02472

The Central Executive Board of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS) issued the following statement on April 2, in light of Baku’s recent escalation of violence along the Nagorno-Karabagh Republic (NKR/Artsakh) Line of Contact.

For almost two years now, the gradually increasing attacks of the Azeri Armed Forces against Nagorno-Karabagh’s and Armenia’s units guarding the borders, and the targeting of villages and towns located near the conflict zone have become more frequent and furious.

Over the past weekend, the powers in Baku once again staged an unprovoked act of aggression, with coordinated use of heavy artillery, armored vehicles, and air support, endangering the already tenuous ceasefire status. We can thankfully state that, sustaining considerable casualties and material losses, the aggressors retreated after crashing against the unyielding defensive line of the Armenian forces.

As an internationally active Armenian humanitarian organization, the Armenian Relief Society—founded on the principles of the International Red Cross and Crescent, the Geneva Convention, the United Nations Organization’s Declaration of Human Rights, and the civilized world’s universal human values—cannot stay indifferent in the face of murderous attacks on schoolchildren and peaceful, harmless populations.

Together with all decent peoples, we condemn the indiscriminate armed attacks targeting the Armenian populations, as the number of innocent victims—killed, wounded, and maimed—keeps increasing with every murderous attack. Therefore, we call upon all international and non-governmental entities to express their revulsion in view of the continuous bloodshed caused by these premeditated violent actions.

They are counting on us and we hope we can count on you!


Armenian Relief Society of Eastern USA

For more information, contact the ARS of Eastern USA office by calling (617) 926-3801. The ARS Eastern USA a 501(c)(3) is charitable organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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