Armenian Relief Society Of Eastern USA to hold Its Annual Requiem Services

Armenian Relief Society Of Eastern USA to hold Its Annual Requiem Services

On Sunday, February 26, 2017, churches affiliated with the Eastern Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America will hold a memorial service in  memory of all deceased ARS Members and Benefactors.

In addition to all of our deceased members, our benefactors will also be remembered.  They are: Agnouni; Sophia and Levon Hagopian; George and Beatrice Lazarian; Karekin and Virginia Seroonian; Samuel and Agnes Eremian; Araxie Proodian; Ungh. Haiganoush Garabedian; Doris Norian Lentz; Ungh. Alice Norian; Arpcase Kilerjian; Hagop “Jack” Mooradian; Alice Haigazian Berman; Genevieve Yegeshian; Unger Yervant and Helen Terzian; Unger Albert and Ungh Queenie Bagian, kirakos Vapurciyan; Gourgen Assaturian and Margaret Assaturian.

Coffee hour following church services is sponsored by the Armenian Relief Society chapters.


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