The Armenian Relief Society was established in 1910 in New York City by Edgar Agnouni to provide educational and humanitarian assistance to Armenians throughout the world. The projects of the ARS Eastern United States include building, operating, and subsidizing Armenian schools and day care centers, sponsoring orphans in Armenia and Artsakh, operating Armenian one-day schools, providing university and college scholarships, funding the development of Armenian educational curricula and resource materials, funding and supporting Armenian youth camps

A.R.S. History

The Armenian Relief Society was established in 1910 in New York City by Edgar Agnouni to provide educational and humanitarian assistance to Armenians throughout the world. After World War I and II, the A.R.S. played an important role in receiving and resettling thousands of Armenians deported from their homes. Today, the A.R.S., Inc. has regions and chapters-at-large all over the world with over 18,000 members worldwide. The A.R.S. of Eastern United States is one of its many regions.

A.R.S. Mission

As an independent, non-governmental and non-sectarian organization – and an NGO on the Roster in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations – with affiliate entities in 24 different countries serving the social and educational needs of Armenian communities everywhere, seeking to preserve the cultural identity of the Armenian nation, and, whenever and wherever the need arises, to bring humanitarian help to all communities in distress – Armenian and non-Armenian alike.

Some of the objectives of the Armenian Relief Society are:

  • To encourage high ethical standards and foster the spirit of good fellowship among Armenian Relief Society members and Chapters and among other national or continental organizations with the same purpose and objectives.
  • To aid in the social, educational, health and welfare efforts of the Armenian people.
  • To promote the teaching of the Armenian language and culture.
  • To establish and help finance Armenian schools.
  • To give financial aid to deserving students in Armenian educational institutions.
  • To give financial aid to deserving undergraduate and graduate college and university students particularly to those studying Armenology and social service.
  • To promote and perpetuate Armenian culture.
  • To encourage its members to participate individually or collectively in local organizations engaged in community activities and social services, compatible with the principles of the Armenian Relief Society (and ARS).
  • To cooperate with organizations with similar objectives.

A.R.S. Executive Board

  • Ani Attar – Chairperson
  • Sandra Vartanian – Vice Chairperson
  • MaryAnne Bonjuklian – Secretary
  • Maral Nakashian – Treasurer
  • Silva Sagherian – Advisor
  • Johanna Chilingirian – Advisor
  • Heather Krafian – Advisor

The term of office for members of Board of Regional Directors is two years and elections are staggered. Members may be elected for a second term. After that they may only be reelected after a recess of one year. Exempt are alternate members who have not served on the Board. A member who has served more than a half a term is deemed to have served a full term. Members of the Board of Directors hold office until their successors are elected.

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