ARS of Eastern US

Share the Love

Support those who are struggling with food insecurities. 

Hot Meal Program

The Armenian Relief Society of Eastern USA has launched the “Share the Love” Fundraising Campaign for the month of February to collect donations in support of the “Hot Meal Program.” 

Through the Hot Meal Program, volunteers at the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon (ARCL) and Syria (ARCS) prepare hot meals for community members in their respective countries. The ARCL provides meals to up to 300 community members once a week and the ARCS provides meals to more than 800 community members, twice a week, in Syria. 
The ARS of Eastern USA, along with the entire ARS family, have continued to play a vital and important role in the Syrian-Armenian relief aid during and after the war and have provided much-needed financial support to the people of Lebanon as they continue to face economical and political instability in the country.  
The “Hot Meal Program” (Պնակ Մը Կերակուր | Bnag Muh Geragoor) was first conducted by the Armenian Relief Society in the aftermath of the Armenian Genocide to provide meals to survivors. For several decades, members of the ARS made a commitment to respond to the needs of individuals struggling with food insecurity during times of uncertainty, in different parts of the world.

Photos from Lebanon

Volunteers at the Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon (ARCL) serve hot meals to 800 community members once a week. 


Photos from Syria

Volunteers at the Armenian Relief Cross of Syria (ARCS) serve hot meals to 350 community members, twice a week.