ARS of Eastern US

Artsakh Relief Aid

On this Armenian Independence Day, our hearts are heavy as we reflect upon the painful reality of what our brothers and sisters are enduring in Artsakh.

The painful developments of the last few days stands as a stark reminder of the world's inaction in the face of immense suffering endured by Armenians in the region. As we commemorate this day, we can't help but recall the poignant phrase, "Never Again," echoing from stages and platforms across the world in reference to past atrocities, like the Armenian Genocide. Yet, the harsh reality is that when Armenians in Artsakh faced the threat of ethnic cleansing, the world remained largely silent.

In response to the dire circumstances faced by our compatriots, who are leaving behind their belongings, livelihoods, and indigenous lands, the ARS Eastern USA is launching a fundraising campaign. This initiative aims to provide immediate assistance and support to those uprooted from their homes, as they embark on the difficult journey of rebuilding their lives.