ARS of Eastern US


The ARS “Soseh” 

Chapter of Wisconsin

The ARS Racine Soseh Chapter was established in 1915. In the earliest years of the chapter, many important national and community figures passed through Racine and many women joined the ARS during these times. General Sebouh Nersesian and General Dro Ganayan were two of the national figures recruited young women to join the Society to begin contributing to their community through the ARS.

The early Soseh Chapter members focused their efforts on teaching new Armenian arrivals to the United States about life in America; helping them register their children in school; taking them to night classes to learn English; and assisting them in navigating their new life in the United States. To preserve the speaking, reading, and writing of the Armenian language, the chapter also held Armenian school classes which culminated in an annual “test” consisting of random questions posed by members of the audience to a student of their choice. At the end of this event, all students received a gift from the Soseh Chapter.  The chapter was also a proud participant in the ANCHA program to settle displaced Armenians, hosting them in their homes and helping them seek their own shelter and work.

Today, the Soseh Chapter’s members include men and women from Racine, Milwaukee, Kenosha, WI and Waukegan, IL. Though it is far from the center of the Eastern United States’ Armenian community, the Soseh Chapter continues to work in the spirit of caring and cooperation to aid Armenian and non-Armenian causes.

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