ARS of Eastern US

Humanitarian Aid

Our Emergency Response Efforts

Lebanon Emergency Relief Fund

Earlier in the year, as the ongoing political, economic and regional crises continued to affect the Armenian community of Lebanon, the ARS issued a statement calling on the diaspora to help their compatriots who were incapable of securing their livelihood. The Armenian Relief Cross of Lebanon (ARS Lebanon) has initiated three programs (the Hot Meal Program, Hope Packages and Care Support) which will help provide meals, groceries, medication and other basic necessities to the community members.


On May 12, the ARS of Eastern US had already donated $25,000 to this project. 

Syrian Armenian Relief

Recognizing that the Armenian Community in Syria is facing social and financial instability, the ARS of Eastern USA has responded to the urgent appeal for assistance to Syrian-Armenian schools. In addition to this, ARS Chapters, throughout the Eastern USA, have formed relief committees in their communities, working tirelessly to raise funds for the ARS Syria Fund.


The ARS Eastern USA supports the following programs:

 Fund for Syrian Armenian Relief

 The Hot Meal Program
 Sponsor a Syrian-Armenian Family
 Warm Home Program
 Support for Armenian Schools
 Orphans at Aleppo Orphanage

Javakhk Programs

ARS has established several youth centers in Javakhk. Through those centers, several programs are implemented like, directed towards the youth such as essay contests and Armenian history competitions. Financial assistance is also given to those families that have multiple children.

 Essay Contests & history competitions

 Assistance to Families with multiple children
 Cultural programs and events
 Group Baptisms

Organized by the AYF-YOARF Eastern Region, a summer program called Camp Javakhk takes place in different villages in Javakhk. that aims at creating a bond between the youth of the Diaspora and that of Javakhk, while assisting the communities in Javakhk. 

"Trick or Treat" for UNICEF

The tradition of ‘Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF’ began in 1950 in the United States, when Philadelphia schoolchildren first went door-to-door at Halloween collecting money in decorated milk cartons to help their global peers. They raised a grand total of $17, kicking off a campaign that has since brought in millions of dollars each year to help UNICEF provide medicine, better nutrition, safe water, education, emergency relief and other support to children in more than 150 countries.


ARS of Eastern US works with Armenian schools across the region to encourage children to take part in this fun and educational event to help them gain a better 

understanding of child rights and the challenges facing children around the world – including poverty, killer diseases and armed conflict. They help stage events to raise funds and increase awareness about these issues, and in doing so learn that they can help change the world. This effort has led the ARS to become a major contributor to this project and received an acknowledgement certificate for its ongoing efforts.