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Through its vast network of hundreds of thousands of dedicated volunteers and members, 220 chapters that operate in over 27 countries, the Armenian Relief Society continues to be on the front lines in leading our communities towards the collective goals of the ARS. It plays an active role in providing resources and opportunities to the masses and through its exemplary rank, it pushes its members to serve their nation with total dedication offering the Armenian people and non-Armenians their time, energy, and talents in pursuit of their sacred mission. The ARS Eastern US is one of the 29 entities that operates under the leadership of the ARS Central Executive Board. 

As an international, humanitarian, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), the ARS also advocates for human rights, social justice, self-determination, and civil society in the halls of the international arena as a member of the United Nations. 

Through its active participation in various committees, ARS remains a champion of human rights, social justice, and universally endorsed values and principles.

Presently, the ARS is involved in programs promoting world peace, particularly in the field of Human Rights. It supports the rights of minority groups, striving for self-rule, to achieve the necessary security guaranteeing them their dignity as members of a free society, free of the threat of aggression and the use of force in resolving conflicts. 

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