ARS of Eastern US


The ARS “Susan Terzian” 

Chapter of Fairfield County

The Susan Terzian Chapter is a descendent of the ARS Bridgeport Chapter. The Bridgeport Chapter’s founding date is not known, but the chapter was in existence in 1927. Early chapter members included Takoohi Mangasarian, Florence Kaolian, Marie Sinanian, Miriam Gopoian, Haiganoush Sukoian, Astrid Vartanian, Haiganoush Kaolian, Idzernig Hovanessian, Yeranouhi Vartanian, and Araxie Kazarian. These ARS members volunteered countless hours to raise funds for projects to assist and Armenian Diaspora devastated by the 1915 Genocide and trying to form communities in its aftermath.

Over time, the Bridgeport Chapter members aged and a new chapter, the Fairfield County Susan Terzian chapter, was formed. The chapter is named in memory of Susan Terzian, the beloved and gifted daughter of the late Roxy Terzian.

Although the chapter is small, it has been able to accomplish much during its existence. The chapter brought three children from Armenia to America for heart surgery, donated scholarship funds in Susan Terzian’s name to the University of Bridgeport , sponsored children to attend AYF Camp Haiasdan, and sponsored orphans through the Armenan Prelacy.

The current chapter leaders – Sonia Gulbenk, Carol Merdinolu, and Marie Yapoujian – have helped the chapter flourish. Recently, the chapter has grown from under 10 members to nearly 20 members. The chapter hosts a successful dinner-dance and sponsors several luncheons each year. These and other activities have allowed the chapter to make numerous donations to orphanages in Armenia , the ARS Mother and Child Health and Birthing Center and the Eye Care Clinic, both in Armenia; and to the Armenian Tree Project. The chapter also supports the needy in the community and the local Church Sunday School.

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The ARS “Havadk” 

Chapter of Hartford

The Hartford Hooys Chapter has contributed in many ways to the life of the Greater Hartford Armenian community. The chapter supports local Armenian youth and was active in assisting the ARS Eastern USA Regional Executive when the ARS Summer Studies Program was held at the University of Connecticut-Storrs. The chapter adopted the “Hooys” – or “Hope” – name in 2005 to signify the chapter members’ continuing belief in the promise and progress of the Armenian Nation.