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ARS of Eastern USA awards 48 students with scholarships

WATERTOWN, Mass. — The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) of Eastern USA is proud to announce that 48 graduate and undergraduate students have been selected to receive scholarships totaling $64,750. The applicants prevailed in a highly competitive application process that looked at each student’s academic achievements, involvement in the Armenian community and financial need.

“We are proud to learn about the academic accomplishments and each student’s contribution to their community and our homeland,” remarked Caroline Chamavonian, chairperson of the ARS of Eastern USA. “By investing in their education, the ARS is making a tremendous investment in our community and we hope that they become successful in their professional fields and continue giving back to the cause,” she continued.

Undergraduate scholarships were awarded to: Talar Aroyan, Shant Asadurian, Nyrah Balabanian, Lena Bardakjian, Sona Bardakjian, Pete Klanian Blonkvist, Talia Boyajian, Corinna Corriveau, Karni Dechoian, David Donoian, Aram Elmayan, Haig Emirzian, Juliette Ezgilioglu, Datev Gevorkian, Tsoline Gevorkian, Tatev Gomtsyan, Sevan Gulleyan, Hayk Mardanyan, Kalina Mesrobian, Jessica Nahigian, Nataleen Orangian, Raffi Sarrafian, Ania Torigian and Nishan Torigian.

Graduate scholarships were awarded to: Sevan Asadurian, Alex Avaneszadeh, Victoria Armineh Babikian, Ani Baghdassarian, Nora Bairamian, Vahan Boyajian, Lusine Chobanyan, Adam Guemidjian, Patelle Jivalagian, Alexandra Kasparian, Garine Koushagjian, Anna Martirosyan, Christina Mehranbod, Sarkis Mikaelian, Alec Ohanian, Robert Petrosyan, Abigail Porto, Aleena Surenian, Mher Tarakjian, Knar Topouzian, Sarine Vosgueritchian and Alina Yousefian.

The ARS Undergraduate Scholarship Fund was established through the generous donations of many benefactors who provided the financial resources necessary for the ARS to assist Armenian undergraduate students. Similarly, the ARS George and Beatrice Lazarian Graduate Scholarship Fund was established by the Lazarian couple to award scholarships to those pursuing their graduate education.

Mher Tarakjian was selected to receive the first Karnig Alajajian Family Scholarship, which was established in 2021 by Karnig Alajajian of New York, who donated $250,000 to the organization to support students of Armenian descent from the Middle East pursuing their higher education in the United States. Tarakjian was born in Aleppo, Syria. From an early age, he looked at surrounding buildings with great interest, which eventually led him to major in architecture. Over the years, he saw how the frenzy of economic activities, geopolitical power struggles and alienation of nature or land expedited the climate change crisis. This research topic is what brought him to the Harvard Graduate School of Design. His post-graduate professional work will be to prepare communities for climate change. Building from his community engagement and creative work through the Armenian Creatives, he will be able to support, via collaborative formats, infrastructure developments in dry regions, prepare for water scarcities, track energy portfolios and devise sustainable methods in urbanization while safeguarding endangered ecosystems.

Arman Dzhragatspanyan received the Hagop and Pearl Mooradian Scholarship, which supports students of Armenian descent from the United States pursuing their education in Armenia. Dzhragatspanyan graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) with a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Human Services, where he also minored in political science. During his time at school, he was a student worker at the USC Institute of Armenian Studies and a research associate intern at the Armenian National Committee of America – Western Region (ANCA-WR). He also conducted a research study under USC and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) professors and clinical psychologists to find factors that increase resilience and buffer trauma among Armenians living in Armenia and Artsakh. Earlier this month, Dzhragatspanyan was admitted into the American University of Armenia (AUA), where he will pursue his master’s degree in political science and international affairs in the fall.

Congratulations to all the scholars.

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